Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Simple Oil Balancing Exfoliating Scrub vs. Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash

Simple isn't a new company. I've been using Simple products for a few years now, and ever since I got one of their bundles which contained a cosmetics bag, their hydrating light moisturiser and a packet of their cleansing wipes, I've been using their products.

I've tried quite a few of their face washes but the two I'm going to compare today are their Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Scrub, and their Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash. I'm really pleased with the exfoliating wash and I have to say it seems that it is more moisturising than the actual moisturising wash! The moisturising one seems to make my face feel really tight and dry and I usually have to use a lot of moisturise after using it.
The exfoliating wash does seem to make my face flakier, however, but I still don't have to apply as much moisturiser. After using the exfoliating wash my face looks a lot less red than before (on account of the Witch Hazel it contains) which is more than I can say for the moisturising wash as that still leaves my skin with quite a few spots.
In all Simple products there are different nutrients and vitamins to help keep your skin healthy and there are 2 nutrients in the Exfoliating Wash: Witch Hazel, which helps to reduce blemishes; and Natural Zinc PCA, which absorbs excess oil. It also contains Pro-Vitamin B% which softens and smoothens your skin. The Moisturising Wash contains Bisabolol, to soften and moisturise the skin; and Vitamin E as well as Pro-Vitamin B5 to moisturise.

It may be that I don't have the right skin for the Moisturising Facial Wash and I am not saying that it is a bad product, I would recommend it for people with dry skin, however I would also recommend using the light, or even the rich moisturise with it to stop any tautening of the skin. I do prefer the Oil Balancing Wash and I would say that this is the better product. In Superdrug, the price fro both face washes averages around £3/£4, and there are often offers on, making them even cheaper! Great value for such good products!

Have you tried any of these face washes? What are your favourite washes to use? Let me know!

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