Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Bedroom Wishlist

For the past month or so, I have been planning to swap rooms at home and redecorate. This is the reason for the sparseness of posts over the past week, decorating has just been non-stop and it has completely drained me! I want a double bed and the room I have at the moment is just not big enough, so I am swapping the spare room for my room, and I have been getting SO excited about it and looking at what new furniture and d├ęcor I could fill my new room with! Here are some of the things I have thought would look great and really want to get!

First up is this bed. This bed is from Ikea and although I do think it has a slightly prison-esque look about it, I would love it in my room (my dad hates it)! It is slightly too big though so I might have to look into getting a different bed...
Next up are these cat curtains. They are adorable! I think they would look so pretty in my new room (I'm planning on it being light grey walls and dark grey fluffy carpet!) and I'm looking all over for these kind of quirky designs!

In my current room I have band posters all over my walls and even though I still want some of my big posters in there I think I would like some different, more artsy prints in the room! I would love this print on my wall by my bed!
Image from Etsy RamplingPainting
This bottle print is also adorable! I love nautical themed stuff and this would just be so cute on a shelf in my room next to my little glass ship in a bottle!

Image from Etsy
I have been looking all over for some octopus bed sheets but all of the ones I have found are ultra-pricey! (I'm really NOT ready to fork out £90 for some bed clothes...) But they are SUPER cute and there are so many that I want.
Image from Etsy FolkandFunky

I honestly can't wait until my new room is decorated and I can get some of these things! It's exhausting to strip off the wallpaper and the HORRIBLE texture paint that is applied to the top of the wall, so I really haven't had any time to write my posts, which has been sad for me! But, it will all be worth it once it is finished!

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