Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Primark PS... Konjac Sponge | Review

I've recently seen the trend of the Konjac sponge going around, and some of the benefits looked amazing! But I still wasn't prepared to fork out a lot of my hard earned cash on something that might not even work for me. So when I found that Primark had released their own, well I just had to jump at the chance! Carry on reading to see what I thought...

Lets start of with the packaging. It's simple, it tells you what product it is and it's straight to the point. I've seen enough posts on people's blogs to know what the purpose of this is and how it can benefit your skin, which is lucky because it doesn't tell you anywhere on the packaging how to use it or what it does for your skin, which I think would be a good improvement.

When you open it the sponge obviously starts off dry and it has quite a rough texture. There is a little string attached which I presume is there to help you hold it when it's in use.
When Wet
When Dry
When you wet the sponge it increases in size and I have to say, it feels incredibly weird (but quite pleasant) in your hands. It does feel like it should fall apart but it's quite sturdy and squishy. I've used this on my face both on its own and with my regular face wash on top. When I use it I wet the sponge, squeeze the excess water out and use it in circular motions over my face. If I am using my face wash with it I squeeze it onto the sponge and then, again, use the sponge in circular motions. I then rinse the sponge of the face wash and also remove the product from my face with the clean sponge.

I think this product is best used for general cleansing rather than removing makeup, as I found that I still had to use another cleanser to remove my eye makeup after using the sponge, even though I had used it over my eyes. It does help my skin feel clean and smooth though so I will continue to use this!
Have you tried one of these sponges? What did you think? Or you planning on getting on? Let me know!

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