Friday, 12 May 2017

Mask Hurray!: Montagne Jeunesse 'Dragon Fruit Sauna' Self Heating Mask

I finally have another Mask Hurray post for you guys. It seems ages since I have done one of these and the reason is that the lighting just hasn't been good enough to take quality photos when I have been applying these masks! But hopefully we are back on track! This week I have tried out the Montagne Jeunesse Dragon Fruit Sauna Self Heating Mask. Carry on reading to see what I thought of it...

I got this mask as part of one of their sets that contains 5 different masks. I can't actually find this mask on their website now though so I'm not entirely sure whether it is still available, but here we go anyway!

This mask contains Dragon Fruit and Kiwi Fruit and claims to 'reach into pores' and 'remove trapped oil and dirt' to give you 'smooth, clean skin'. I've been having a few problems with my skin lately so I was hoping this would help out a little bit!

Before applying the mask

When I opened the packet some of the mask had formed a really solid patch on the edge of the packet, I'm not sure if this was because I should have used it sooner or whether this is just what the mask is like. I used my hands to apply this mask as it was incredibly runny and wouldn't have stayed on my brush very easily. When I was applying it, it felt very strange. I was expecting it to be kind a burning sensation (silly, I know) but it was just a warming feeling. As I was applying it, it was cool and then I felt it getting warmer as it went on. It was definitely a pleasant experience. I just have to say, this mask smells AMAZING too! It is such a sweet smelling mask and is really nice when on.

The mask also contains small seeds which help exfoliate the skin when the mask is being removed. I left the mask on for around 20 minutes. In this time it didn't really seem to set and it was quite strange as I'm used to masks hardening on my skin. One of the problems with it not setting was that some of the mask actually ended up dripping into my eye! Which was NOT pleasant at all! After this I went to remove it as I couldn't actually see anything out of that eye because I couldn't open it!
The removal was easy. I took a damp flannel and wiped off the mask, it wasn't as difficult to remove as others because it hadn't dried so it all seemed to come off with a simple swipe. I felt the seeds in the mask but they weren't overly coarse so didn't hurt my skin.

I then dried my face using a normal towel and patting motions. When I looked at my skin, I didn't see an instant difference, my blemishes didn't seem to have faded and my skin pretty much looked the same. It did feel a little smoother but I felt that it was a little dry and tight.

The Final Verdict? All in all, I did enjoy using this mask, I enjoyed the self heating aspect of it and it smelt really nice and did make my skin feel a little smoother. But overall I don't think this mask is for me. Once I removed the mask I didn't really see any benefits and it did irritate my skin a little bit, I felt that my skin was slightly drier and the fact it didn't set just didn't do it for me. Although this is a nice mask, I think there are other masks I prefer more and will continue to use instead!

Have you tried this mask? What did you think? Are there any other self heating masks that you enjoy using? Let me know!

Speak to you soon!


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