Friday, 5 May 2017

Makeup Declutter/Collection | LIP CRAYONS & LINERS

So here is the second installment of my Makeup declutter! This week I decided to put my lip crayons and liners into 1 post. If you haven't seen part 1 click here to see that post! But for now, here goes!

Lip Crayons
I tend to have a love/hate relationship with lip crayons, some can work really well, while others just don't work at all and are a nightmare to apply.
The first one I have is Technic's Juicy Stick. I couldn't find a colour name but it is a nude shade with shimmer in it. I'd actually forgotten about this, my friend bought it for me a while a go and it just got piled on by other lipsticks. It does have a good colour so I will be keeping this and hopefully use it more. The only problem is it smells like watermelon, which really puts me off!
- Good pigment
- Easy to apply
- Nice, natural colour
- Smells of Watermelon (ew!)

The next products are Primark's PS... High Colour Lip Crayon in the shades Freedom and Motivation. I actually did a review on Freedom (which you can read here) and I love it! The colour is CRAZY good, it's pretty long lasting and it doesn't dry out your lips! I love these lip crayons!
- Long lasting
- Interesting colours
- Affordable
- Moisturising

The last lip crayon is another Primark product. It's their PS... Velvet Matte in the shade Nude. I bought this after the other lip crayons because I wanted to see how their other products got on. This is a lovely nude colour that matches my lips really well. It's so creamy to put on and lasts really nicely through the day. It does tend to highlight the creases in the lips after a while though. I would recommend this product though and might see what other colours they have.
- Affordable
- Good everyday shade
- Creamy texture
- Settles in creases

I've gotten rid of none of these products because they are all so good!

Lip Liners
So now we are onto the lip liners!

The first lip liner is Model Co.'s Illusion Lip Liner. I got this liner free with an issue of Galmour (review here if you want to see it). This liner only comes in one shade, as it is says that the shade is supposed to fit all skin tones. The aim of the product is to help create the illusion of fuller looking lips. I do really enjoy using this liner, it's creamy and matches my lip colour well. It does help keep lipstick from spreading too.
- Long Lasting
- Creamy
- Good colour and pigmentation
- However, only has one colour

Next up the Look Beauty lip liner in Berry Vamp. I have this in the lipstick shade too and I LOVE the combo! The liner is a little stiff until it warms up, but after that it works a dream! This liner helps the lipstick stay all day and for a completely matte look it works great on its own too! This liner is definitely staying in my collection.
- Beautiful colour
- Great pigmentation
- Stays in place all day
- Works well with lipstick

I got this next lip liner from Poundland. It's Rimmel's Exaggerate lip liner in the shade Pure. I've had this for quite a while now and I used to wear it ALL the time. I rarely reach for it now though but I still felt as though I couldn't get rid of it because it is such a lovely colour and a really great product.
- Natural colour
- Easy to apply
- Creamy texture

I also have an Anti-Bleed lip liner from MUA. Overall, I'm really disappointed with this. It did nothing to stop my lipstick from bleeding and felt really greasy on lips. I haven't gotten rid of it so I might try it again.
- Greasy
- Doesn't help bleeding
- Affordable

The last lip liner I have is Mac's Nightmoth. I was bought this from a friend of mine. I was really scared at first as it looked quite brown and I wasn't sure how it would sit on my skin. It turns out it's a beautiful deep burgundy colour that looks great under lots of different lipsticks or on it's own. It is quite drying though so I would definitely recommend putting a lip balm underneath! This is a great colour for the autumn and winter so it is definitely staying in my collection!
- Lovely Colour
- Works with different lipsticks
- Quite drying

So there is another declutter post! I'd class this more of a collection sharing post because I didn't actually get rid of any of these products (oops)! I really enjoy looking through my collection and finding old products that I have forgotten about. If you haven't read my first installment, click here to look at that! There are still more to come so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Total Declutter: 1 product

Speak to you soon!


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