Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Films watched in May

  1. Moana: I watched this with my boyfriend and we both absolutely loved it! It was such a good film and we were both howling with laughter! The songs were really catchy too! Personally I haven't been bothered about the new Disney films recently, but I think this one has bought the love back! Rating: ★★★★
  2. Alien: I watched the original 1979 Alien film with my boyfriend, because he was shocked that I hadn't seen it before. Like, ever! I actually really enjoyed it and for the time it was released it wasn't cheesy or with crappy effects. It was a genuinely good film! Rating: ★★★★★
  3. Alien: Covenant: One of the other reasons my boyf wanted me to watch the original Alien, was so that we could go and watch the new one in the cinema! We planned to watch all of the films over the weekend, but we only managed the first one before we went to the cinema to see Covenant. Apparently Covenant relates more to Prometheus, and although I did enjoy it, I felt that it wasn't as good as the original film. I can see why a lot of people disliked the sequels as the main plot can only really stay the same, so it kind of just repeats itself. Rating: ★★★★
  4. Tekken: As a kid I always loved playing Tekken with my dad. I picked this up recently and was really excited to see what it was like. All I can say is, it was, well, meh... It wasn't awful and I don't regret watching it, but there are some parts that just didn't work and one of the main problems I had with it (which I know cannot be helped) is that the actors just didn't look like the characters. I know that is a ridiculous problem to have with a film, but it did make a difference to me because I was so used to what the characters in the game looked like. So overall, even thought I didn't hate it, it just wasn't going to make it on to my favourite films list. Rating: ★★★
  5. Ichi the Killer: This one is a Japanese film. It used to be banned and although it is not as bad as some films I have seen, I can see why. It is gory (even though sometimes it isn't believable) and there are some quite controversial topics in it. The story is sometimes a little difficult to follow though, and some of the effects are just downright awful! It wasn't awful to watch, but some things just didn't make sense and I actually had to look up the meaning of the ending because to me it just did not make sense! It's quite a long film and I don't regret watching it, but I won't be watching it again. Rating: ★★
New Films Watched: 5/101

So those were all of the new films I watched in May! I'm really enjoying watching things I haven't seen before and I think at this rate I will complete my 101 in 1001 challenge pretty soon! Have you seen any of these films? What did you think of them? Let me know!

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  1. I haven't seen any of these, although I heard Moana is really good! x

    Beauty From Katie

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment :) Moana was a great film to watch, I keep getting the songs stuck in my head! xox

  2. I watched Moana last month and I loved it, although it had been so hyped up for me that it fell just a little flat of how much everyone had raved about it

    Steph -

    1. Yeah I wasn't sure what to expect since everyone was so excited for it. Thanks for the comment! I love your blog :) xox