Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Look Incredible April 2017

Another Look Incredible box has arrived (yaay!). Meaning its time to share what I got in this months box with you! I have actually stopped my subscription for a while so that I can actually use up some of the products I have, but I'm glad that I ended up with some goodies this month!

The first product I found in this months box is the Matte Lip Paint from Coloured Raine. I think there was a range of colours you could receive depending on your box, but the colour I got was the colour Mars, which is a beige/brown colour. I'm actually quite happy to get this colour, I have a wide variety of lip colours but I haven't got a brown, so I'm excited to try this. As we all know, I'm a massive fan of liquid lipsticks so hopefully this works well! Worth: £15 | Total Box Worth: £15

Next up is a Shaow Stick from Nars! I've always wanted to try a Nars product but never got around to getting one so I'm extra happy about this! This is in the shade Dark Angel which is a rich dark brown. When I swatched this it was incredibly creamy so I can't wait to try it properly. I have a feeling it will also last well, as when I tried to remove it from my hand it was stubborn! Worth: £21 | Total Box Worth: £36

I'm not one for using highlighters but I feel I should make a start! There is a small highlighter set in this months box from Josie Maran. This contains an oil which can be used as a concentrated highlighter and the Illuminizer can be used all over the skin. I feel that I might use this to begin with on days where I'm not going out, because I can see this going disastrously for me and me ending up looking like a disco ball! Hopefully it goes well though and for once with highlighter, I'm actually looking forward to trying it! Worth: £20 | Total Box Worth: £56

There is also a concealer brush in here from the brand Sisley. Which I haven't heard of! I don't tend to use concealer which is applied with a brush but I should be able to find a use for it somewhere! I feel its a slightly strange inclusion in the box, but not one that I am disappointed about. Worth: £13.99 | Total Box Worth: £69.99

The last product on the card is another eyeshadow stick! This one is from Wild about Beauty and it is in the shade Annie. It has a darker brown (presumably an eyeliner) on one end and a shimmery gold/bronze on the other. When I swatched these the ends were both incredibly creamy! I love the look of bronze eyes so I'm really happy about this product and think that it could create a great look! Worth: £14.50 | Total Box Worth: £84.49

But wait! There is another little unexpected treat this month. It's a lovely little foot cream called Heel Genius from Soap and Glory. I love Soap and Glory's products so I'm super happy to receive this. I also do tend to get dry feet and usually I go for hand cream on them, but since this is specifically for feet hopefully this will help. (It also means I can test it by asking my bf to give me a few more foot rubs ;) hehe!) This is another product which isn't listed on the card! So I won't put the price of this, even though it's a common product!

So these were the products I got in my last Look Incredible box! I have to say that I did finish on a high note and once I've finished a few of the products I own I'm pretty sure I will sign back up! Are you a subscriber of look Incredible? What did you think of this months products? Let me know!

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  1. I absolutely love colored raine - this subscription box looks to be amazing and definitely worth it! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. This box is great value, it does contain brilliant products! I'd definitely give it a try for a few months to see what you think! Xox