Friday, 17 March 2017

NOTW 22: Spring Ladybird Nails!

Spring is finally here! I can't wait to see all the little ladybirds flying around! I decided to do some simple ladybird nails to get ready for spring! I used Rimmel's Salon Pro nail polish from the Kate collection for the red base and applied 2 coats. I then used a medium dotting tool and Barry M's Black polish to create the pattern and the head. I then took a smaller dotting tool and the same colour to create the line down the middle. I used Barry M's Matt White on a slightly smaller dotting tool to create the eyes in the middle. I finished with Barry M's Wet Set fast drying top coat (which I have to say, I love so far) and they were finished!

I love that spring is now here and I can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive. We've had some pretty nasty storms recently but it's been really nice weather the past few days! I hope it stays like this for a while because I'm sick of the gloom!

Speak to you soon!


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