Friday, 24 February 2017

NOTW 20: Tortilla Chip Day Nails!

As I said, I'm using weird and wonderful events to inspire my nails and I don't it comes wackier than this! Tortilla Day is today and I thought these would be a really fun design to try!

I let my nails grow out slightly and I cut them into a pointed tip, to imitate the triangular shape of the chips. I didn't have quite the right colour to paint my nails into realistic chip colour so I tried to make a more cartoony looking chip. I used Rimmel's 'Cute as a Kitten Heel' for the yellow, and for the little crispier brown parts I used Essie's 'Glamour Purse' and a very small dotting tool. I did add some highlights using Sally Hansen's 'Dune', but it didn't show very well because the base colour was too similar. I added some cheese to the ring finger to add a little more to the design and for this I used Sally Hansen's 'Man-Go Team!' and a large dotting tool.

Overall I'm really impressed with the design think it just looks like a fun abstract pattern!
Have you done any strange looking designs?

Until next time...


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