Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Look Incredible February 2017

Hi everyone! This is my second Look Incredible beauty box, I bought last months but was too late to post it! I saw lots of people reviewing these and after looking into it I thought it was the best beauty box to suit me for the money! It's £21.49 including postage, and while this may be a little bit more than some other beauty boxes, the total of the products inside seem to amount to a lot more! Keep on reading to see what I got in this month's Look Incredible!
The one thing that bothers me with this beauty box is that it doesn't fit through the letterbox, so I end up having to go and pick it up from my post office depo! It's nothing major, but it is something to consider if you live out of the way of the depo.

I'm actually really happy with the products in this months box! It has a good range of products and things I will definitely use in the future!

The first thing is the 'Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner'. This is a double ended pencil that has a brow colour, as well as a highlight for under your brows! It says that the brow pencil should suit every brow colour depending on how hard you press, but I'm not too sure on how that would work. I think the brow colour will work pretty well for me, however I think the highlight shade looks slightly too dark and yellow, but I will give it a try! Worth: £22 | Total Box Worth: £22

The next item is 'Fresh Face Essence With Green Coffee'. My first thought was "what the hell is green coffee?". I think it's like green tea, but in coffee form maybe? Either way, I wasn't sure what this product was to begin with but I think it's a moisturiser/serum. It claims to 'prevent dehydration' and 'reveal more flexible and younger looking skin'. I received a moisturiser in last months box, but I don't mind as I have pretty dry skin and love experimenting with new products to keep my skin nourished! Worth: £20 | Total Box Worth: £42

As you may know, I love my nail polish so I was very happy to get a Nails Inc polish! This is the 'Nails Inc. NailKale' in the shade 'Westbourne Park Road'. I'd never heard of their NailKale collection before now but they claim to have Aldehyde, Zinc and Calcium in to boost the production of Keratin in the nail so that your nails become stronger. My nails have been becoming more brittle recently and I think this will be a really good product to help, if it works. If not, the colour is still an amazing neutral colour that can be worn anywhere. Worth: £15 | Total Box Worth: £57

This next product is one of the ones I was most excited to find! Its the 'Revealed Smoky Eyeshadow Palette' from 'Coastal Scents', I was debating whether to buy some Coastal Scents products a while back but never got round to it and then kind of just forgot about them. The smoky palette comes with some really pretty colours and fits my style really well! I haven't tried out their quality yet but I think they will be fairly decent. I'm looking forward to using this palette and depending how it goes, might do a review on it or a tutorial, so keep your eyes peeled! Worth: £20 | Total Box Worth: £77

The last item I received in the box was a 'Mango Butter Lipstick' from 'Korres'. The colour is a lovely dark pink/brown shade and I think it will definitely look right on my skin tone. Again, I haven't tested the product yet, so I'm not sure what the opacity is like or the finish, but since it seems to be quite a moisturing lipstick I expect it to be quite glossy. It does say on the leaflet that you receive with the box that it is a sheer lipstick, so I hope it is still opaque enough to see, as I have quite dark lips naturally. Worth: £9.99 | Total Box Worth: £86.99

As I said at the beginning, I'm really happy with all of the products I received this month and I'm already excited to see what will be in next months! I like the fact that all products in the Look Incredible boxes are full size because it means that you can get enough uses to test them out properly and also means that you are saving a lot overall!

I think that beauty subscription boxes are a great way to discover new products. Do you subscribe to Look Incredible? Or to any other beauty boxes? What did you think of this months box? Let me know!

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