Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mask Hurray!: Montagne Jeunesse/7th Heaven 'Dead Sea Peel Off'

Did you think these 'Mask Hurray' posts had stopped?... Oh no! They're just getting started! I've been focusing on other posts for a while because seasonal posts are best, well, when its the right time! But these posts can be put up whenever, and there is no better time than whenever! The mask I'm using in this post is the Montagne Jeunesse 'Dead Sea Peel Off'. I love a good peel off so lets see how it did!

As per normal my skin wasn't in great condition before using this mask (this was done a couple of weeks ago, my skin is actually in much better condition now). The purpose of this mask is to refresh and clear the skin, as most peel offs do, and I thought this would be a good one to try as it has some really good ingredients (some I've actually heard of!).

This mask contains Sea Salt, Fucus Vesiculosus (which is a type of seaweed) and Chamomile.
When opening the packet the smell hit quite quickly but it smelt soothing and calming. I think this is mainly due to the Chamomile in it, which is nice.

When the mask is applied it is pretty clear, but does have a slight blue tinge to it. It was pretty smooth but I could feel a little bit of the sea salt in it, which was also pretty nice because although it's not the same as a scrub I was able to rub it into my face a little bit.

One of the main problems I usually have with masks is that they usually sting and tingle when applied, but this one didn't sting at all and was quite soothing and relaxing to have on.

I left this mask on for about 25 minutes, as I find that peel off masks take a while to dry. When I peeled it off it seemed to remove quite a lot of dead skin and my blemishes did seem to be smoother and less irritated. I usually find that masks leave my face feeling tight but this one didn't and I really enjoyed using it. 

All in all I think I would buy this mask again because it did seem to calm down my blemishes and did replenish my skin! My face felt smooth after use and the dead skin seemed to come off so easily after use! Have you tried this mask? What is your favourite type of mask?

Speak to you next time!



  1. I have never tried this brand before but this mask seems nice. Glad that you had a good experience. xx


    1. They are really good and very affordable! They have a great range too! Xox