Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Goals for 2017

As said in my 'Christmas Tag 2016' post, I'm really not one for making resolutions because I just don't keep to them and it seems pretty pointless for me. However, I have decided to think of a few things that I can change or do that aren't ridiculously difficult and don't really matter if I mess up on, but would be good if I did succeed in by the end of 2017 (that seems SOO far away right now..)! I just wanted to share these with you, in case you are the same as me and don't really stick to your resolutions (I mean come on, who does?!) as they might help inspire you for some easier-to-stick-to goals!

The first thing I would like to accomplish is pretty easy and to be honest, quite fun! (Well, it is for me at least...) As you might know, I enjoy reading quite a lot but I tend to have to push it aside for more important jobs now, since I am getting busier and it's kind of upsetting, because I love losing myself in a good book! So the first thing I want to do in 2017 is read 12 books. I'm currently part way through Dracula, so I'm not sure if I'll include that in my 12 books, because technically I've already started this year. But we will see!

The next thing is a little bigger than my previous goal and actually a lot more important too! I've never been skinny, and in all honesty I don't think I will be! None of my family would ever be size 0 models and I think there is just something that makes our metabolism a little slower. Although I know that I won't be skinny, I do want to lose some weight, or just be healthier in general! I want to lose around a stone, or maybe even more just so that I can start feeling and looking healthier. I have been on the contraceptive injection for a few months now, and that is also known for weight gain, which just pushes me to try even harder, since I know that if I don't do anything I will just keep on gaining weight. My car is another big problem, since I've had it I've not had to walk anywhere, I used to have to either walk to work, or to the bus stop which was a little more exercise. But now, I just don't and I can really tell the difference. So, I want to set a target and try to get more exercise and do more things that don't require driving in the year of 2017!

This one is a little bit of a weird one. I tend to be quite a friendly and helpful person, I tend to put other people before me and let them go first. One place I don't tend to do this as often though is on the road! Seriously, I get such road rage because people are all just so RUDE on the road. It's becoming really dangerous on the road because people are in such a rush to get places and it just creates such a domino effect. Someone pulls out on you, so you get angry and decide to penalize everyone else for that one rude person... and it just goes on and on! So one thing I am aiming to do, is to help out 1 person on the road each day, by letting them out, or letting them in front of me, so that at least some people benefit and the domino effect decreases a little bit. I'm not saying by me doing this that suddenly the roads are going to become pleasant and easy, but at least I'm helping out a little bit, and that itself makes me feel better.

I have another fun little thing that I would also like to complete in 2017. This one is more unknown and hasn't been featured on my blog (I'm looking to change that in the upcoming year) but I actually really enjoy crafts and one thing I'm learning in more depth is crochet. I've already completed a few projects, which I might share in a post, but I have started a Tetris crochet blanket and to be honest, it's been going on for quite a while! So I would like to finish that in 2017 and maybe make a few little extras to go with it.

That's it for my main goals! What are your resolutions for the new year? Do you make resolutions, and how long do you stick to them for?!

Speak to you soon!


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