Tuesday, 20 December 2016

NOTW 15: Classy Christmas Tree Nails

I love, love, LOVE doing Christmas designs, and although my favourite thing is trying to create my own designs, it's sometimes easier just to use the inspiration of others! I've seen this type of design all over my Instagram and I thought I'd give it a go, as it looks classy but easy to do at the same time. I used Sinful Colors' 'Envy' as my green base and waited for that to dry. I then used some strips of tape and placed them on my nails to leave a triangle of nail free and went in using my gold Lumiere polish (which I featured in my 'Top 5 Nail Colours for Christmas Time!' post). I used a few layers of that to make sure the tree was visible and then removed the tape and finished with my Essence top coat! I think it turned out quite well, I wish I'd have used a few more layers of my glitter though, because although it's visible, I think I'd have like it to be a bit bolder! I definitely love this type of design for Christmas time and I think a great way to finish this off would have been to add a little star to the top of tree! Perfect!

Happy Christmas!

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