Friday, 18 November 2016

Quick Review: Yankee Candle's 'Rhubarb Crumble'

It's time for another candle review! As said in my previous Yankee Candle Review (Amber Moon) I love using warmer scents this time of year as they're just a lot cosier. The only problem is I really dislike the spicier scents, which seem to dominate the shelves! So I thought Rhubarb Crumble would be a great one to try because it has the sweetness/tartness of the Rhubarb but the comforting smell of the crumble biscuit. And I was right! This candle is great for this time of year. The rhubarb is definitely the stronger smell, coming through sweeter than it would taste (rhubarb itself, not the candle... obviously) but not overly sickly! It's sweet but you also get the vanilla smell that smells like biscuits baking too, which adds a really nice layer and just makes things more autumnal. I have to say, I love burning this and it's one that can just be burning in the background to make you feel more comforted. Overall, it's a great scent for the autumn and winter!

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