Sunday, 30 October 2016

This Week...: 24th - 30th Oct

So I started that segment 3 weeks ago about things I've learnt in the week. While I want to carry that sort of thing on, I've decided to change the name, as there are sometimes things happening in the week that I've not necessarily learned but still want to share! So I've decide to rename it 'This Week...'. So here goes with what's been happening in my life this week!

  1. Being paid feels like bliss
  2. Tetley Redbush Vanilla tea, is AMAZING and tastes like custard, I'm SO glad to have it back
  3. Colder nights are definitely kicking in and I'm not a fan of them
  4. Online shopping is easier, you're not as disappointed if things aren't in stock
  5. Merry Hill is getting busy with the Christmas shoppers now

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