Tuesday, 11 October 2016

NOTW 9: Autumn Leaf Nails

Can you tell that I'm getting into Autumn?... I've got another autumn inspired Nails of the Week post! This week I decided to turn my nails into leaves themselves and used a vein pattern to create little leaves coming from my fingers! I used Essie's 'Glamour Purse' as the base and Sally Hansen's 'Dune' to create the veins of the leaf. I used a striper to create the lines and for the smaller veins coming from the middle. I started in the middle and flicked out, to create a thinner tip. I wanted to use a lighter brown for the veins but I didn't have one so I used 'Dune'. I actually think this colour ended up looking really good and using a lighter colour definitely made it more noticeable. The design was really easy to create and I think it looks so good for autumn! I was thinking of using different colours to create the leaves so I might try that in the future, to see how other colours work! Overall I'm really happy with the colours I've used and how they've turned out! If you decide to try this out please let me know because I'd love so see them!

Speak to you next time!


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