Tuesday, 25 October 2016

NOTW 11: Halloween Nails: Pumpkin Faces

So on to another Halloween mani! This week I decided to try a fun design and do some silly pumpkin faces! I was debating on which orange to use as I have a bright orange (the one I ended up using) and a darker orange. The darker orange would have looked more realistic but I wanted it to look more cartoon-like so I chose to use the brighter orange. The design was actually a little more complicated to complete than I thought but was still possible. I think one major thing was the polish I was using. I initially started using Rimmel's black, but found it to be really gooey so I decided to use my Barry M black and this turned out a lot better. The size of my dotting tool also made a difference and depending on what I was doing. I started out using a small/medium dotting tool to create the designs and then found that it was too large to use for the eyes so I switched to my smallest detail dotting tool. This was actually too small for the mouth designs though so I ended up switching back to my small/medium tool because it made the design neater and easier to fill in. All in all I think this design is a good thing to try, but I definitely have improvements for if I try it again! I liked using the dotting tool to create the crazy eyes (which I accidentally smudged, but wasn't too angry about because it created a cool makeup look) but I still liked the traditional triangle eyes. I think the zigzag mouth worked best and easiest but the square teeth one might be better if I can do it well. To be honest, although these aren't the best nails I've done, I still wanted to share them with you because they helped me learn and are a fun design to try for Halloween!

The pinky is my favourite!

Speak to you next time!


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