Wednesday, 19 October 2016

NOTW 10: Halloween Nails: Dripping Blood

So I'm sorry this is a bit late! I've been on holiday and didn't manage to share this pot, but luckily it's only a day late! So now it's mid-October, I can start my Halloween Nails... which I would normally do anyway but it's not totally acceptable to walk around work with blood dripping from your fingers in the middle of April! So this week I decided to do a design that was successful last year and do said dripping blood design!
I started off with a white base and used Sally Hansen's 'White On'. To be honest I wasn't too keen on this polish as it seemed to be having a funny turn. It was sometimes very liquid and had no colour to it and others really opaque, so it didn't give a great finish, but overall it worked okay. I then took a bright red polish - I used one from a Primark set I have- and used a large dotting tool to add a few dots on each nail at different points. I was debating if to use a darker red and I think while the brighter red looks good, it looks a little cartoon like and a darker red would have been more realistic. Then using a smaller dotting tool I filled in the nail close to my cuticle and dragged lines up to the dots I'd made to join them together. I then made sure there were no gaps and the design was smooth and finished with a top coat! These nails are so easy to do and I think they look so fun! They're great just on their own or part of a costume! If nothing else works out I'll be using these for Halloween! Let me know if you have any ideas for Halloween nails or if you've tried these out!

Speak to you next time!


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