Monday, 26 September 2016

Top Picks for Autumn/Fall Lips!

It is now officially autumn! Which means it's time to break out those darker lip shades... Sounds good to me! So here are my top faves for Autumn lips!

I'm going to start with a natural lip, as most others are pretty dark; which is what you expect from autumn! This lipstick is from Primark and it's their 'PS Velvet Matte Crayon' in the shade 'Nude'. It's a really nice dusty pink colour that's quite muted, so it's really nice for the autumn time as the colour is quite calm. This was one of my favourites a few months ago, so click here if you would like a better review on it!

Now we get into the fun colours! I'm always daring with my lip products and I've found that Makeup Revolution do REALLY good quality lipsticks for their price and they do more than enough exciting colours for me to try! This is the shade 'Make It Right' and it's this amazing deep purple colour that has AMAZING staying power. I honestly can't say how much I love these lipsticks and I think this is a great colour for autumn as it reminds me of Halloween and autumn skies!

Next in my favourites is Mac's 'Rebel' lipstick. It's a really nice fuchsia and although it's a bright colour it's still deep enough to wear on those cooler evenings. I think it's a great colour to wear when you want something a little lighter, but still want an autumn look to your makeup.

I have a duo from Look Beauty up next and it's their lip liner and lipstick, both in the shade 'Berry Vamp'. This is a purple toned berry colour and makes a great evening colour for a bolder lip. The lipstick is fine to wear on it's own, but the liner gives it more lasting power and helps define the lips more. The liner is creamy enough to wear on its own too and makes for a great matte lip colour.

My last favourite is another one from Mac and it's their lip liner in the shade 'Nightmoth'. This is the deepest of my favourites and it's a very deep purple/brown colour. I sometimes use this with my Rebel lipstick but I tend to use it mostly on it's own because I love the colour and prefer matte lips.

So there we have it! Those are the 5 lipsticks that I love to wear around Autumn time! It's a great time of year and I tend to lean towards darker colours anyway, but Autumn gives me an extra excuse! If you have any of these lip products then let me know what you think of them! Or, if there are any shades that you'd recommend for this time of year then feel free to let me know!

Speak to you next week!


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