Saturday, 17 September 2016

Quick Review: Yankee Candle's 'Sage and White Tea'

So I have another Yankee Candle review for you! Told you I love my candles, didn't I...
This one is a Simply Home scent in the fragrance Sage and Whit Tea. The 'Simply Home' range are available from lots of different shops and are also slightly cheaper than the regular range. I picked this up for £1 out of Asda.

I actually really like this scent, before lighting it my initial thoughts were that it seemed very clean and calming. It's quite fragrant but isn't overpowering and is really pleasant. The scent does fill the room and I think that's good, as it doesn't just sit in a small area around the candle. The scent is definitely plant and herb-like and the smell of the tea does come through too. The sage isn't overwhelming and the mixture between the sage and the tea work really well together, creating a calming and interesting scent. I think I will buy this again and it's a scent that can be used very easily and in many different rooms.

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