Friday, 30 September 2016

September Book Reads

So this month has not changed my reading habits! I've had many a book to read this month and have always managed to find time to read something! So here is a list of books I've read this month and what I thought of them!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Top Picks for Autumn/Fall Lips!

It is now officially autumn! Which means it's time to break out those darker lip shades... Sounds good to me! So here are my top faves for Autumn lips!

I'm going to start with a natural lip, as most others are pretty dark; which is what you expect from autumn! This lipstick is from Primark and it's their 'PS Velvet Matte Crayon' in the shade 'Nude'. It's a really nice dusty pink colour that's quite muted, so it's really nice for the autumn time as the colour is quite calm. This was one of my favourites a few months ago, so click here if you would like a better review on it!

Now we get into the fun colours! I'm always daring with my lip products and I've found that Makeup Revolution do REALLY good quality lipsticks for their price and they do more than enough exciting colours for me to try! This is the shade 'Make It Right' and it's this amazing deep purple colour that has AMAZING staying power. I honestly can't say how much I love these lipsticks and I think this is a great colour for autumn as it reminds me of Halloween and autumn skies!

Next in my favourites is Mac's 'Rebel' lipstick. It's a really nice fuchsia and although it's a bright colour it's still deep enough to wear on those cooler evenings. I think it's a great colour to wear when you want something a little lighter, but still want an autumn look to your makeup.

I have a duo from Look Beauty up next and it's their lip liner and lipstick, both in the shade 'Berry Vamp'. This is a purple toned berry colour and makes a great evening colour for a bolder lip. The lipstick is fine to wear on it's own, but the liner gives it more lasting power and helps define the lips more. The liner is creamy enough to wear on its own too and makes for a great matte lip colour.

My last favourite is another one from Mac and it's their lip liner in the shade 'Nightmoth'. This is the deepest of my favourites and it's a very deep purple/brown colour. I sometimes use this with my Rebel lipstick but I tend to use it mostly on it's own because I love the colour and prefer matte lips.

So there we have it! Those are the 5 lipsticks that I love to wear around Autumn time! It's a great time of year and I tend to lean towards darker colours anyway, but Autumn gives me an extra excuse! If you have any of these lip products then let me know what you think of them! Or, if there are any shades that you'd recommend for this time of year then feel free to let me know!

Speak to you next week!


Friday, 23 September 2016

Dallas Coryell 'Melody's Key' Book Review *

So I've been a little bookworm again and had my mind in another world whenever possible! I have a review of a book I recently finished called 'Melody's Key' which is a debut book from author and singer/songwriter Dallas Coryell. If you would like to know more then keep on reading!

Monday, 19 September 2016

NOTW 7: Sinful Colors Soul Mate

For this weeks Nails of the Week I decided to be simple and try out one of my favourite Sinful Colors’ polish in the shade 'Soul Mate'. It's a really beautiful salmon colour on the nails but in the bottle it's little bit lighter. It's very bright and is a really pretty summer colour (a little late, I know...). The application is ok, however it seems to be quite thick and gloopy which made it slightly difficult to apply and achieve a smooth finish. After the polish had dried there also seemed to be some bubbling in the polish. These showed up as little lumps in the polish but aren't really noticeable unless the nails are looked at closely. This is a bit disappointing though because I don't expect the polish to have any bubbles in it at all! Overall I am fairly happy with this polish even if the consistency isn't the greatest! The colour is worth the bother as the bubbles can be covered up with a top coat and the application can be sorted out with an extra layer of polish! I think I would repurchase this polish if I needed to so I would say that I recommend it! I purchased this from Boots but now I seem unable to find the brand anywhere, so I'm slightly gutted about that! I'll just have to cherish it while it lasts...



Saturday, 17 September 2016

Quick Review: Yankee Candle's 'Sage and White Tea'

So I have another Yankee Candle review for you! Told you I love my candles, didn't I...
This one is a Simply Home scent in the fragrance Sage and Whit Tea. The 'Simply Home' range are available from lots of different shops and are also slightly cheaper than the regular range. I picked this up for £1 out of Asda.

I actually really like this scent, before lighting it my initial thoughts were that it seemed very clean and calming. It's quite fragrant but isn't overpowering and is really pleasant. The scent does fill the room and I think that's good, as it doesn't just sit in a small area around the candle. The scent is definitely plant and herb-like and the smell of the tea does come through too. The sage isn't overwhelming and the mixture between the sage and the tea work really well together, creating a calming and interesting scent. I think I will buy this again and it's a scent that can be used very easily and in many different rooms.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

NOTW 6: Snake Inspired Nails!

I finally have another Nails of the Week post for you! I know, it's been a long time coming but the nails I've been doing haven't been that interesting, or haven't been a well known brand. But I'm back! I've been seeing a lot of snake or patterned style nails recently and I thought I'd give it a go!

I didn't have a snake or reptile effect stamping plate and I didn't think my hands were steady enough to draw each of the scales (that, and I didn't have enough time). I instead used one of my Cheeky stamping plates that had a pattern I thought was close to snake skin. I didn't have a silver stamping polish either so I just used a regular polish, but I am happy with how it turned out, because you can only see the design up close, sort of like a secret design!

For the base I used Miss Sporty's Fiery Blaze to create the shiny effect of a snake, as it's duo-chrome and changes in the light. The silver used over the top was just a cheap one that I got in a set a few years back, but as long as it's glittery or foil-like then it should work! I used my Essence Quick Dry Top Coat, which I said in a previous post I wasn't overly keen on but it did the job so I can't complain.

Overall I was really happy with how this turned out, even though it didn't go as planned because I wanted the design to be more prominent. I like this and I think I'll do more like it in the future, just to see if anything else works! If you've tried anything like this, or have any tips for me then please let me know!

Speak to you next week!


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Mask Hurray!: Montagne Jeunesse/7th Heaven 'Manuka Honey Peel-Off' Mask

So here's another Mask Hurray post! I really want to try the different types of the Montagne Jeunesse masks because they're so affordable and seem to have a good range. The last one I reviewed was their Dead Sea Mud Pac (link here to read that post) and I really felt as though it made a difference to my skin. This time I'm reviewing the 'Manuka Honey Peel Off' mask because I love the smell of honey and I've heard it's good for blemishes! Just keep reading to find out what I thought of it!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Corey Taylor Seven Deadly Sins Book Review

If you saw my last post then you will know that for the past month I have had my head buried in a book almost the entire time I've had nothing important to do. When writing the list I'd read I found that I had a LOT more to say about Corey's book than I realised; so I thought I'd write a separate review on it! So if you want to know my opinions, keep on reading!

Friday, 2 September 2016

August Book Reads

This month I've really been into reading, I've had my head down in a book every time I've had nothing else to do. I've always enjoyed reading, but I'm not a particularly fast reader and I go through phases of reading lots or little. This month I feel pretty acomplished in what I've read and I'm surprised I've read as much as I have. I thought it would be a nice idea to write about what books I have read this month and share my opinions on them with you!