Tuesday, 9 August 2016

NOTW 4: Simple Zebra Print

I was feeling a little lazy this week... I didn't want to do much for my nails but I wanted something a bit different than a single block colour. So I put my long lost stamping plates back into good use and created a simple zebra print that I thought looked really good!
I used my Barry M in Matt White for the final time... it was definitely past it's best and I think after using it in my 'Cards Suit You' post (link here if you'd like to see...) the air had caused it to become even worse. Time to search for a new white polish! Once I had applied the whit polish I used my Bundle Monster stamping plates with my Konad stamping polish to apply the design. I'm actually surprised that my stamping polish worked as well as it did, it's not as old as some of my other polishes but it had separated on my shelf, which I was panicking over a little bit! But all was good and it turned out really well in my opinion. I then used my Essence 'Quick Dry' top coat, which in all honesty... I really dislike. It does NOT dry quickly and even if I apply at around 3PM, it is still slightly squidgy by the time I go to bed, so I end up with lines in my nail polish. A typical thing to happen with many nail polishes is that it smears the design, which this top coat also does. The thumb smeared a little bit but once I realised, I fixed it and made sure the nail brush didn't actually touch my nail.
I was really happy with this design, happier than I was expecting really. It sounds silly but I actually loved looking at my nails and I thought that even though the design wasn't pristine, it still looked as though I had gotten them professionally done!

Just a quick note, I wanted to apologise with being so late with my blog posts. I've started a new temporary job and I'm having to get used to not having as much time as I did before! I am still trying to keep my blog up to date so please keep with me and I'll eventually get the balance right! Thanks for reading...


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