Friday, 12 August 2016

Mask Hurray! Montagne Jeunesse/7th Heaven 'Dead Sea Mud Pac' Mask

OK I'm going to be honest, I'm not the best with my skincare, I'm kind of lazy, even though I shouldn't be because my skin is far from perfect... It needs as much help as it can get! One thing I do enjoy every now and then though, is a face mask. The only ones I've tried are the Montagne Jeunesse ones, but I've tried quite a few of those and I really enjoy them! I wanted to try and find which ones I liked most and which ones worked best for my skin type to help it improve. So I'm going to try a few different ones and let you know what I think!

The first one I'm going to review is the Dead Sea Mud Pac, This mask is designed for oily/combination skin and claims to help clear pores. As you can see in the picture... my face has quite a few spots and blemishes, which isn't pretty! So this mask should help my skin get back on track if it works well.
Bad skin
When I first opened the packet the mask smelled fresh and minty, and there was also a floral scent which I couldn't put my finger on until I realised that the ingredients contained lavender! The smell isn't overpowering, which is good considering it's recommended to be on your face for 15 minutes. The mask contains skin loving ingredients from the Dead Sea- Sea Salt, Seaweed and er.. Lavender?

I applied the mask using my face mask brush from Avon, as it made it a lot cleaner to apply and I didn't get it all over my hands! It was smooth to apply and although it's quite thick, it is easy to move around the face and spread evenly.
First applied
When the mask is on your face it tingles slight on the skin and makes your face feel slightly cool, but it doesn't burn like other masks I've used previously. You can relax easily while this is on your face and it's not uncomfortable.
When dried
It is a hard setting mask so after a while you can't move your face too much! I left it on for about 20 minutes as it was pretty dry by this point. Once I washed it off, my face did actually feel smoother and more refreshed! I obviously didn't want to touch my face too much as it defeat the point of removing the oil, but my skin did feel a lot better and cleaner. I did feel as though it dried out my skin slightly because my face felt a little bit tight and uncomfortable, but I applied some moisturiser and after this my skin felt hydrated and clean again.
after washing off

I knew the mask wasn't going to work miracles and get rid of my blemishes completely , but it did help to reduce the redness of them, which I was really pleased with! My pores felt a lot cleaner and did appear to be smaller, hopefully for the fact they didn't have as much oil and dirt in them!

smaller, cleaner pores

All in all, I'm really pleased with this mask and I do think I'll buy this one again when my skin needs a deep cleanse! I think on a weekly basis this would be good to use, but it does work as an occasional treatment too, when your skin is feeling especially oily. I do think this works well on sensitive and combination skin, both of which I have! It didn't dry out my skin too much, which is good and it did help my skin overall. If you have sensitive skin, I think this will be OK to use! I'll be back with some other mask posts when I get round to using them because I really enjoy experimenting with them! If you have any recommendations on good masks for oily and sensitive skin, please let me know, because I'd love to try some other masks out!

Speak to you next time...


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