Saturday, 23 July 2016

Primark PS High Colour Lipstick Crayon

*Hey guys! Just before I start want to apologise for the lateness of this post! I started work yesterday and it was kind of manic and excited, so I forgot... Oops! Well, it's here now so I hope you enjoy it.*
I absolutely ADORE brightly coloured lipsticks! I know bright lipsticks are a no-go for a lot of people because they are out of their comfort zone, but for me, they're not an issue and the crazier the colour the better! I found this crayon from Primark the other day and I have to say, I LOVE IT. So what better to do than share it with everyone!

I was buying some clothes from Primark for an interview the other day and these lip crayons caught my eye as I was heading to pay. They were on offer in one of those little bowls they have towards the checkout and I was intrigued to see what they were. I saw the blue one first and when I found out they were lip products I had to buy one! They were on offer for £1 (instead of £2) so I wasn't really too scared about whether I would be wasting my money or not, as I wouldn't be losing out on much. But my God, this product is AMAZING!

This is shade 08 and is called Freedom (no wonder!) and I can't actually believe how brilliant the colour payoff for this product is. For a £2 product the colour is intense and doesn't take much to cover your whole lips! Obviously this colour won't be for everyone, and I won't be wearing it on an everyday basis, but it's an ice blue lipstick that has a sort of creamy finish, but still feels like it sets well on the lips.

It doesn't stay put when eating, it wears off pretty quickly if I'm honest, but I've found that just regular wear and drinking doesn't cause much movement and it doesn't bleed or smear easily either. I applied it at around 6pm and it was still in place and pretty opaque around 10pm, and that was with drinking straight from a glass and eating chips! It's not unpleasant on the lips either and doesn't have a nasty taste or smell, it doesn't really smell of anything really!

This is one of the first Primark beauty products I've tried and I'm actually really surprised! I never though that I would get such a good beauty product from Primark and I think I might go out and buy some more of these lipstick crayons because they're so easy to use! I would definitely recommend this product, even if this colour isn't for you, I'm sure there are other shades that are more natural! If you do try this, or are another lover of bright, unique lipsticks, please let me know what you think of this if you have tried it or have any other recommendations for me!

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