Friday, 17 June 2016

DEADPOOL Inspired Makeup Look!

So Deadpool is now out on DVD. Wooo! If you haven't seen Deadpool yet, where have you been?! You NEED to see this film it is amazing! But back on subject, I thought it would be a good idea to create a Deadpool inspired makeup look! I've tried this look out quite a few times and I really love it! Even though it's more of a dramatic look, I tend to wear it on a normal, everyday basis, as my job doesn't require me to be all suited up! So lets get into it!

I applied my base makeup, nothing complex or anything out of the ordinary! I used my Maybelline Super Stay foundation as my base and my Collection Lasting Finish powder to set it! (Blog post on my face essentials coming up soon!)

Bit Scary!
Baymax wants in on the action too.

I then applied my E.L.F. Eyeshadow Primer to keep my shadows in place all day. This is one of the only primers I've used, so I can't compare it well to others, but I think it works pretty well and keeps everything where it's supposed to be!

Now into the shadows! For my transition colour, I used my Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte palette. I used the colour 'Warm' on a fluffy brush and worked it into my crease to ensure that my other shadows blended easily.

Once that colour was in place, I started on the main colours! I used another Makeup Revolution palettes - the Mermaids Forever palette - to apply the red. This palette has some amazing colours in it, great for some really outgoing looks. I applied 'Pink Sea' over the top of 'Warm' in my crease and blended it up towards my brow.

I then went back to my Flawless Matte palette and used the shade 'Carbon' to apply to my lids. This is a very matte black and I think it works brilliantly. As with most blacks, you have to be careful with fallout, but as long as you pat the brush instead of rubbing it, it should work great! You need to build the colour up with a few layers, but it doesn't take long!

Once the black has been applied, you may need to blend in some more red to get the intensity back and to make the transition between the black and the red more seamless. 

After applying some more red, I used my small crease/pencil brush to add the colour underneath my eyes, right against my lash line, to connect the outer-upper lid and my lower lid together. I also added a highlight under my brows and in my inner corner, any natural shade will do this so I didn't bother to snap a picture!

I then used my Collection Extreme 24 Hour felt tip liner to line my upper lash line and wing it out. Without the liner, it washes out your upper lash line and makes your eyes slightly smaller. The wing isn't necessary (but adds a great bit of drama!) but I definitely recommend putting the liner on your top lashes to add more shape to your eyes.

Once I was happy with my liner I applied a few coats of mascara. I used my Collection Volumising, Waterproof Mascara which makes sure that the lashes stand out! (I just realised through this post how many Collection products I own...)

Add a natural colour to the lips, to make sure that attention is drawn to the eyes, and that's it! Your Deadpool inspired makeup is all finished! (Keep on reading for picture overload!)

So I hoped you enjoyed that makeup tutorial! If you haven't seen Deadpool I definitely recommend it, it's such a good film! If you try this out, or have a similar look, please let me know because I'd love to see them! But until next time... Byee!


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