Monday, 26 December 2016

Quick Review: Yankee Candle's 'Happy Christmas' Tart

So because yesterday was Christmas, I thought it was fitting to try out my Yankee Candle Wax Tart in Happy Christmas. When I first opened the packet the scent hit me straight away and it smelled so good! It smelled slightly like spiced apple and cinnamon. When we started burning it it melted very quickly and the room smelt gorgeous almost instantly! It's a great winter scent and I think it was perfect for Christmas day. I'm sure this candle was on sale on the Yankee Candle website so I definitely recommend it for winter! Also, it says the estimated burning time is 8 hours but in my house it's been burning WAY longer than that and it's still got loads left!


Friday, 23 December 2016

What Christmas Means To Me...

I created this post after Nourish Me posted an inspiration post and I thought it was a great idea (see her blog here...) because to be honest, Christmas does mean a lot of different things to me and I think it will be really nice to share these with you...

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

NOTW 15: Classy Christmas Tree Nails

I love, love, LOVE doing Christmas designs, and although my favourite thing is trying to create my own designs, it's sometimes easier just to use the inspiration of others! I've seen this type of design all over my Instagram and I thought I'd give it a go, as it looks classy but easy to do at the same time. I used Sinful Colors' 'Envy' as my green base and waited for that to dry. I then used some strips of tape and placed them on my nails to leave a triangle of nail free and went in using my gold Lumiere polish (which I featured in my 'Top 5 Nail Colours for Christmas Time!' post). I used a few layers of that to make sure the tree was visible and then removed the tape and finished with my Essence top coat! I think it turned out quite well, I wish I'd have used a few more layers of my glitter though, because although it's visible, I think I'd have like it to be a bit bolder! I definitely love this type of design for Christmas time and I think a great way to finish this off would have been to add a little star to the top of tree! Perfect!

Happy Christmas!

Friday, 16 December 2016

NOTW 14: Reindeer Antler Nails

I fancied doing something a little different for my nail design this week, because although I love the traditional Christmas nail designs I wanted to try something else and thought these looked both kind of classy and fun at the same time!
I used 3 coats of my Primark Embellished polish (I can't remember the shade name) for all fingers bar my ring finger. On my ring finger for the base I used my Sally Hansen in the shade 'Dune' and used my Essie 'Glamour Purse' and a small dotting tool to create the antlers. I loved how simple it looked but wanted to add a bit more sparkle so I used my Barry M in 'Diamond Glitter' over the top and it looked like tiny little flakes of snow! As always, I finished off with my Essence top coat and my Essence Quick Dry Drops!
Overall I think this looked really pretty and subtle and I'm happy with how they look. They're a nice way to create a Christmas design without being too in your face!


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Christmas Tag!

1. What is your favourite Christmas film?
My favourite Christmas film hands down has to be Jack Frost! I adore this film and watch it each year, and each year it makes me cry! It's such a nice film to watch.

2. Have you ever had a white Christmas?
I think I have had a couple, but I can't remember exactly when. The weather in England is so messed up that I'm surprised we haven't done the same as Australia and had a BBQ Christmas! (I don't know if they actually do this... just from what people say!) But back on topic, I don't remember an exact year of a white Christmas, but there have been a few years where it's snowed around Christmas time, which was nice.

3.Where do you usually spend your holiday?
I usually spend it with my family. My mom and dad have been split up for many years but I usually swap each year on where I stay for the night, even though I see them both on Christmas. This year I'm spending it with my boyfriend though, which is exciting!

4.What is your favourite Christmas song?
I absolutely love The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl's Fairytale of New York. I know a lot of people don't like this song but every time I hear this I can't help but sing along because it gets me in such a Christmassy mood!

5. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
Me and my mom used to have a tradition where I was allowed to open up one present on Christmas Eve, the rest had to be opened on Christmas Day! It always got me in the mood for Christmas, but also got me restless since I wanted to see what else I got!

6. Can you name all of Santa's Reindeer?
I'm not even going to try because the answer is no... which is kind of shocking! I think I'm going to make myself learn them...

7. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?
Seeing all my family. We don't really have many traditions with my family at Christmas, we tend to make it up depending on who is where! One thing we do tend to do though is visit all the family that we rarely see throughout the rest of the year. We usually go to my Aunties and everyone comes to visit.

8. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
Ours is fake. It's black and has tinsel type branches. It looks really pretty with our fairy lights around it! We tend to keep it simple and don't decorate it too much.

9.What is your all-time favorite holiday food/sweet treat?
This is actually a difficult one... Even though they're not exactly seasonal I love my Celebrations chocolates around this time of year! I only tend to get them around now, so they always get me in the Christmas mood. Another not-so-seasonal favourite I relate to this time of year is Wensleydale with Cranberries cheese. I suppose the cranberries do make it more seasonal but it is available all throughout the year! It tastes so creamy and I love it on crackers with our little pick n mix tables with the leftovers from dinner. Mmm!

10. Do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?
Well, of course I love receiving gifts! I always get excited to see what people have got for me. I'm one of those people who honestly doesn't care about the price as long as you bought it for the fact it made you think of me, or you thought I'd like it! If someone pays £2 for something that they think I'd like, I much prefer that to if someone pays £30 for something just because it's more expensive! I do actually love buying gifts too though! I find it so fun to find what I think people would want and enjoy! It's just so nice to give the people you're close to something that you have thought about and think they will like. So in terms of the question, I think I enjoy both equally.

11. What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?
Again this is another difficult question... I think I have to say my puppy (who is now 10 or 11...). That was a great present... Or my drum kit... they were amazing too!

12. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?
I haven't really thought about visiting anywhere else for Christmas. I love being with my family too much and I don't think I'd be able to leave them for the Christmas season. I wouldn't mind going to Germany again though and because of the hype with the German Christmas market here, I'm wondering if it would be as amazing in Germany! So that may be one to add to the Christmas list ;)

13. Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?
If the presents are a simple shape, then I can happily and proudly say that I am a pretty decent wrapper! if the shape goes anything outside the norm, I tend to struggle a bit but still give it a good go! And please. Don't. Overdo. The. SELOTAPE!

14. Most memorable Holiday moment?
There are quite a few. I always remember spending it with my aunty, her partner, and my dad. I remember the one year when I was pretty young, she said she'd bought us a tea set, with mugs and a teapot and to be honest, I was pretty disappointed! Turns out it was a PS2 for me and my dad and I was so so excited! We ended up setting it up and playing most of the day! It was such a good time. I also remember when I got given my drum kit, for months my dad had been saying that we can't get drums because of our neighbours, and that he was just going to get a small drum machine for mine and his small band. I went to bed on Christmas eve with no drum kit in site and my uncle was staying round for the night. I woke up the next morning before everyone else (my dad and uncle had a hearty amount to drink on the eve!) and went downstairs to find a whole electronic drum kit set up waiting for me! I burst into tears and started screaming, I hadn't even noticed my uncle asleep on the sofa! I ran upstairs and threw myself on my dad sobbing with happiness! I think it also made his day... There are so many other good Christmas memories I have, but those jumped out at me first.

15. What made you realize the truth about Santa?
I'm not really sure, I think I just faded out of it and knew that he wasn't real after a while. I didn't let my mom know that I knew though because it meant that the magic of Christmas was still there! We still set out mince pies and carrots, and she still wrote me notes from Santa thanking me for what I'd left for him and the reindeer. She was lay down with me the one night and we were just talking and she said that Santa wouldn't be visiting and I asked her why, she said because he doesn't exist and my response was 'Yeahh, I know...' and she was surprised and kind of annoyed; because she HATES carrots and hated having to get up to do it for me! It was a good time to be honest.

16. Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?
I used to make new years resolutions, stick to them for a month and then give up. I'm not going to bother with resolutions this year because I know I won't stick to them. I'm just going to try and evaluate myself and my life and try to just improve a few little things.

17. What makes the holidays special for you?
Being able to spend it with my family and friends. This is really important for me and they are what make my holidays memorable and special.

So that was my Christmas tag! I'm going to tag everyone that reads it because I love seeing what people get up to at Christmas! I've you have done this tag then please let me know because I'd love to see them!

Speak to you soon!


Friday, 9 December 2016

Top 5 Nail Colours for Christmas Time!

So it's nearly here! I know feel officially able to talk about Christmas without it being too soon! I feel that we're starting to talk about Christmas earlier and earlier in the year and by the time it actually comes around, its kind of taking the excitement away. Anyway, back on track! I think this time of year is such a fun time for nail art, but if you're not overly enthused with the art itself, you can still pick some great colours for the season! Here are my top 5 favourite colours for Christmas!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

W7 In the Buff Palette Naked2 DUPE!

For months now I've been using this palette from W7 and I think it's finally time to share it with you guys! I've always been debating whether or not to buy one of Urban Decay's Naked palettes ever since they were released. The reviews I've seen rave about them and when I've swatched them in the stores I've been amazed by the quality. The one thing putting me off buying one is the price, in my opinion, they're just TOO MUCH! But luckily when I found this baby I didn't have to worry anymore...

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Mask Hurray!: Montagne Jeunesse: Glacial Clay Spa

Surely not another 'Mask Hurray' post?! Well, this week I've tried out one of Montagne Jeunesse's sheet masks and it's their 'Glacial Clay Spa' mask! I haven't used a sheet mask before and since there has been a big hype around it recently I thought it would be a good idea to try one from a brand I've tried before! So here goes...

Friday, 18 November 2016

Quick Review: Yankee Candle's 'Rhubarb Crumble'

It's time for another candle review! As said in my previous Yankee Candle Review (Amber Moon) I love using warmer scents this time of year as they're just a lot cosier. The only problem is I really dislike the spicier scents, which seem to dominate the shelves! So I thought Rhubarb Crumble would be a great one to try because it has the sweetness/tartness of the Rhubarb but the comforting smell of the crumble biscuit. And I was right! This candle is great for this time of year. The rhubarb is definitely the stronger smell, coming through sweeter than it would taste (rhubarb itself, not the candle... obviously) but not overly sickly! It's sweet but you also get the vanilla smell that smells like biscuits baking too, which adds a really nice layer and just makes things more autumnal. I have to say, I love burning this and it's one that can just be burning in the background to make you feel more comforted. Overall, it's a great scent for the autumn and winter!

Speak to you next time!


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Payday Haul!

I got paid recently and I cannot tell you how happy I am! I've been trying to restrict what I've been buying for myself these past few months so that I can pay off my car a little bit quicker. It's been hard because I've seen lots of things I wanted but I've managed to resist and I've taken the cost of my car down a lot! So, I thought I'd treat myself after getting paid, and I can tell you now... I bought a LOT... Keep on reading to see what I picked up...

Friday, 11 November 2016

How to make: Yummy Scrummy Flapjacks!

If you don't already know, I'm really into baking and cooking! I love creating things and I find it really satisfying when people enjoy what I've made. I thought it would be a good idea to put some of the recipes and ideas on here! Today I made some really moist and sweet flapjacks, so carry on reading if you would like to know how to make them!...

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Mask Hurray!: Montage Jeunesse/7th Heaven Charcoal Masque

I've been hearing a lot about the wonders of charcoal recently and I saw that Montagne Jeunesse do a charcoal face mask. Well, my face is in need of a miracle so there was nothing to lose with this! Keep on reading to find out whether it helped or not...

Sunday, 6 November 2016

This Week...: 31st Oct - 6th Nov

  1. You can make your own 'Dress-Down-Friday' if there are no bosses around or your business is flexible enough
  2. My first pumpkin carving session was a success! I'm really proud and they went better than expected
  3. Tapping the bottom of an already split Wax burner will bring maximum disappointment... and a bit of cleaning up. (Mine smashed and it was really pretty *sad face*)
  4. Breaking your oil burner allows you to get another pretty oil burner... this makes me happy!

Friday, 4 November 2016

NOTW 13: Guy Fawkes Nails

I have to be honest, bonfire night is one of my favourite nights of the year! I love the blaze and getting cosy and I think the fireworks are so much fun! (Although I do get scared for my kitten and puppy and don't let them out while the fireworks are going off...) This year I can't go to one, however, as I'm at my friends wedding reception (congrats guys!). I thought I'd do something different than the fireworks design because I'm thinking of leaving that until New Year. So I decided to try Guy Fawkes Hat! I wasn't too sure how to go about doing this but I'm actually happy how they turned out (although they could have been a little neater...). I wanted the design to be like the Pilgrim hat and just wanted to add the detail of the brim and the buckle. The way I've done it has actually turned out to be a kind of abstract nail tip design which I really like! I used Essie's 'Maximillian Strasse Her' for the line detailing and Technic's 'Gunmetal' for the buckle. I was originally going to add a small bit of highlight for the line of the hat, but it didn't look quite right so I decided to bring the line all the way around (this is why it's a bit messy because they didn't quite meet up) and I think this looks great to create an abstract tip. I just used a small striper for the lines and for the buckle I used a small/medium sized dotting tool. I think I might use the tip idea again in future with some different colours because I really like the outcome of this hat design, it's not overly obvious! Let me know what you've done for your Bonfire Night nails!

Until next time...


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

October 2016 Favourites

Another month is over and it's time to see what I've been loving this month! October is more noticeably an autumn month so I've been changing up my usual summer products and getting more cosy in the cooler month! Carry on reading to see what I've been enjoying!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

This Week...: 24th - 30th Oct

So I started that segment 3 weeks ago about things I've learnt in the week. While I want to carry that sort of thing on, I've decided to change the name, as there are sometimes things happening in the week that I've not necessarily learned but still want to share! So I've decide to rename it 'This Week...'. So here goes with what's been happening in my life this week!

  1. Being paid feels like bliss
  2. Tetley Redbush Vanilla tea, is AMAZING and tastes like custard, I'm SO glad to have it back
  3. Colder nights are definitely kicking in and I'm not a fan of them
  4. Online shopping is easier, you're not as disappointed if things aren't in stock
  5. Merry Hill is getting busy with the Christmas shoppers now

Friday, 28 October 2016

NOTW 12: Halloween Nails: Creepy Eyes

So I know I'm spoiling you a little but I have another Halloween Nail design for you today! One thing I really wanted to try was some creepy eyes in the dark! I thought I'd make it quite cartoony, as they would be more simple and fun! These were actually really easy to do; I started off with a black base (the base I used was actually a black from Primark, but I had my Barry M one to hand when I took the photos) and went in with my largest dotting tool to create pairs of dots over my nails. I also used a slightly smaller dotting tool in some of the gaps to fill up some of the space and create more eyes on each nail. I then waited for the dots to dry and using a smaller dotting tool than the one for the white, went in with some red, yellow and green polish to create the iris's of the eyes. I think that the yellow and green worked best as it was easier to see the pupils over these colours. After the colours had dried I went in with my smallest dotting tool and created the pupils on the eyes and finished with a top coat and some of my Essence Express Dry Drops. I think this is actually a really fun design and it's so easy to create. I wish I'd had some glow in the dark polish however, as I think this would have made the nails so much better at night! If I can grab my hand on some glow in the dark polish, I think I'll experiment some more with this design! Have you tried anything like this for Halloween? What are your nail plans for your costume?!
White- Sally Hansen 'White On'
Green- Scarlet and Crimson Set
Yellow- Collection 'Lemon Sorbet'
Red- Primark Red 

Speak to you soon!


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

NOTW 11: Halloween Nails: Pumpkin Faces

So on to another Halloween mani! This week I decided to try a fun design and do some silly pumpkin faces! I was debating on which orange to use as I have a bright orange (the one I ended up using) and a darker orange. The darker orange would have looked more realistic but I wanted it to look more cartoon-like so I chose to use the brighter orange. The design was actually a little more complicated to complete than I thought but was still possible. I think one major thing was the polish I was using. I initially started using Rimmel's black, but found it to be really gooey so I decided to use my Barry M black and this turned out a lot better. The size of my dotting tool also made a difference and depending on what I was doing. I started out using a small/medium dotting tool to create the designs and then found that it was too large to use for the eyes so I switched to my smallest detail dotting tool. This was actually too small for the mouth designs though so I ended up switching back to my small/medium tool because it made the design neater and easier to fill in. All in all I think this design is a good thing to try, but I definitely have improvements for if I try it again! I liked using the dotting tool to create the crazy eyes (which I accidentally smudged, but wasn't too angry about because it created a cool makeup look) but I still liked the traditional triangle eyes. I think the zigzag mouth worked best and easiest but the square teeth one might be better if I can do it well. To be honest, although these aren't the best nails I've done, I still wanted to share them with you because they helped me learn and are a fun design to try for Halloween!

The pinky is my favourite!

Speak to you next time!


Friday, 21 October 2016

Mask Hurray!: Montagne Jeunesse/7th Heaven Blemish Mud

So here we have another Mask Hurray post! This week I tried out Montagne Jeunesse's Blemish Mud and if you would like to know what I thought of it, then keep on reading!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

NOTW 10: Halloween Nails: Dripping Blood

So I'm sorry this is a bit late! I've been on holiday and didn't manage to share this pot, but luckily it's only a day late! So now it's mid-October, I can start my Halloween Nails... which I would normally do anyway but it's not totally acceptable to walk around work with blood dripping from your fingers in the middle of April! So this week I decided to do a design that was successful last year and do said dripping blood design!
I started off with a white base and used Sally Hansen's 'White On'. To be honest I wasn't too keen on this polish as it seemed to be having a funny turn. It was sometimes very liquid and had no colour to it and others really opaque, so it didn't give a great finish, but overall it worked okay. I then took a bright red polish - I used one from a Primark set I have- and used a large dotting tool to add a few dots on each nail at different points. I was debating if to use a darker red and I think while the brighter red looks good, it looks a little cartoon like and a darker red would have been more realistic. Then using a smaller dotting tool I filled in the nail close to my cuticle and dragged lines up to the dots I'd made to join them together. I then made sure there were no gaps and the design was smooth and finished with a top coat! These nails are so easy to do and I think they look so fun! They're great just on their own or part of a costume! If nothing else works out I'll be using these for Halloween! Let me know if you have any ideas for Halloween nails or if you've tried these out!

Speak to you next time!


Sunday, 16 October 2016

This Week...: 10th - 16th Oct

OK so I know it's a day late but here goes..
  1. Agoraphobia is actually the fear of being in a place where escape might not be easy or you might not be able to get help easily if needed; not just the fear of just outside spaces. 
  2. Cashpoints are difficult to find on your normal run.
  3. Coaches REALLY aren't comfortable to sleep on. Especially if you're sat next to a stranger
  4. Keep away from the wall when the sea is rough... It becomes very wet

Friday, 14 October 2016

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Review and Pictures

Kat Von D stuff in the UK? F*ck yes. I thought I'd buy myself a few presents the other day and you know I'm a sucker for liquid lipsticks and bright lips? Well then, the Everlasting range were just made for me! I only bought 2 just in case I didn't like them... and that theory has been blown out of the water! Keep on reading to see what I think of them!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

NOTW 9: Autumn Leaf Nails

Can you tell that I'm getting into Autumn?... I've got another autumn inspired Nails of the Week post! This week I decided to turn my nails into leaves themselves and used a vein pattern to create little leaves coming from my fingers! I used Essie's 'Glamour Purse' as the base and Sally Hansen's 'Dune' to create the veins of the leaf. I used a striper to create the lines and for the smaller veins coming from the middle. I started in the middle and flicked out, to create a thinner tip. I wanted to use a lighter brown for the veins but I didn't have one so I used 'Dune'. I actually think this colour ended up looking really good and using a lighter colour definitely made it more noticeable. The design was really easy to create and I think it looks so good for autumn! I was thinking of using different colours to create the leaves so I might try that in the future, to see how other colours work! Overall I'm really happy with the colours I've used and how they've turned out! If you decide to try this out please let me know because I'd love so see them!

Speak to you next time!


Sunday, 9 October 2016

This Week...: 3rd Oct - 9th Oct

  1. Work. Is. Stressful. Especially when NOTHING is going right
  2. If you are dreaming about said work, you need to chill out...
  3. Just because you are warm inside, doesn't mean it is warm outside, especially if you have your heating on...
  4. Always smell your milk before ruining your tea/coffee
  5. Kat Von D lipsticks are amazing! (hint: post coming soon...)

Friday, 7 October 2016

Quick Review: Yankee Candle's 'Amber Moon' Tart

Time for another candle review! Since it's started getting darker a little earlier, and the days are getting a bit colder, I thought it was time to change my fresh candle scent to something a little warmer and comforting. I've started burning Amber Moon and I can definitely tell this is more of a soothing, comforting scent that makes the room feel more snug. I tend to burn my candles in my bedroom when I'm having a shower so that when I go back to my room, the smell is more noticeable. This is definitely the case with this one and does make you feel very relaxed and warm. It has a slight spicy note to it but also seems a bit musky too. I think it's a scent that most people will like, but is definitely not as easy-going as other scents. Personally, I think it's great for the autumn time and I do think I'll keep this burning for a long while.

Until next time...


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

NOTW 8: Autumn Dotticure

I have resigned myself to the fact that it is finally autumn, and although I don't dislike the season, I do wish that summer went on a little while longer! Nevertheless, autumn brings some beautiful colours and I think it's time to start creating some autumn inspired designs! This week was a simple design and I just used a few different autumn themed colours to create a mixture of dots! I used a large dotting tool and went crazy with the colours! I used Sally Hansen's 'Dune' as a base colour and built up the dots over each other. I used Barry M's 'Crush', which is a deep red (and will be coming up in a future post...), a bright orange (Sally Hansen's 'Man-Go Team!'), Essie's 'Glamour Purse', which is a lovely chocolate brown, a shimmery copper colour from Seventeen, which is called 'Copper' funnily enough... and a purple/grey/brown colour from Lumier, which doesn't have a name. I just swapped between the colours and used the dotting tool to randomly apply the dots over the nail. I think overlapping them gives the impression of a pile of leaves and I think it looks so nice for this time of year! I finished with a top coat to smooth everything over and ensure that it lasts as long as possible! It's such an easy design to try and there are no worries of messing it up! I think I'll try this again in the future when I'm running low on ideas!

Until next time...


Sunday, 2 October 2016

This week...: 26th Sept - 2nd Oct

So I'm going to start a new installment and see how this goes! Here are a few things that life experiences have taught me this week. Hopefully they will be funny, and hopefully they stop other people having the same disastrous time as me!

Friday, 30 September 2016

September Book Reads

So this month has not changed my reading habits! I've had many a book to read this month and have always managed to find time to read something! So here is a list of books I've read this month and what I thought of them!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Top Picks for Autumn/Fall Lips!

It is now officially autumn! Which means it's time to break out those darker lip shades... Sounds good to me! So here are my top faves for Autumn lips!

I'm going to start with a natural lip, as most others are pretty dark; which is what you expect from autumn! This lipstick is from Primark and it's their 'PS Velvet Matte Crayon' in the shade 'Nude'. It's a really nice dusty pink colour that's quite muted, so it's really nice for the autumn time as the colour is quite calm. This was one of my favourites a few months ago, so click here if you would like a better review on it!

Now we get into the fun colours! I'm always daring with my lip products and I've found that Makeup Revolution do REALLY good quality lipsticks for their price and they do more than enough exciting colours for me to try! This is the shade 'Make It Right' and it's this amazing deep purple colour that has AMAZING staying power. I honestly can't say how much I love these lipsticks and I think this is a great colour for autumn as it reminds me of Halloween and autumn skies!

Next in my favourites is Mac's 'Rebel' lipstick. It's a really nice fuchsia and although it's a bright colour it's still deep enough to wear on those cooler evenings. I think it's a great colour to wear when you want something a little lighter, but still want an autumn look to your makeup.

I have a duo from Look Beauty up next and it's their lip liner and lipstick, both in the shade 'Berry Vamp'. This is a purple toned berry colour and makes a great evening colour for a bolder lip. The lipstick is fine to wear on it's own, but the liner gives it more lasting power and helps define the lips more. The liner is creamy enough to wear on its own too and makes for a great matte lip colour.

My last favourite is another one from Mac and it's their lip liner in the shade 'Nightmoth'. This is the deepest of my favourites and it's a very deep purple/brown colour. I sometimes use this with my Rebel lipstick but I tend to use it mostly on it's own because I love the colour and prefer matte lips.

So there we have it! Those are the 5 lipsticks that I love to wear around Autumn time! It's a great time of year and I tend to lean towards darker colours anyway, but Autumn gives me an extra excuse! If you have any of these lip products then let me know what you think of them! Or, if there are any shades that you'd recommend for this time of year then feel free to let me know!

Speak to you next week!